Package Treatment Plants

Wastewater Package Treatment Plants for Soap, Sugar, Starch & Soft Drinks Industries

Package treatment plants are typically smaller volume water or waste water facilities with multiple processes contained in a single tank or a series of packaged units.

The advantages of package water and wastewater treatment plants include the fact that they can often be turnkey projects that are designed and constructed quickly and fairly inexpensively. These systems are especially beneficial for compact sites where a small footprint is required. Typically, they are designed for small to medium flow rates.

Most of these water and sewage treatment plants are prefabricated, which makes construction quick and less expensive. The basic components of the packaged treatment plants may be pr-engineered as well, which saves time and money. While package treatment plants usually have some elements of pr-engineering and prefabrication, modular components allow for customization as well.

For instance, the number of modular sludge aeration tanks, classifiers or disinfection units can be modified so a packaged wastewater treatment plant can be designed to handle the specific flow and loading rate.

Packaged wastewater treatment plants can be designed to handle high strength wastes in low volumes, such as wastes from industrial or manufacturing facilities. They can also be made to treat small volumes of domestic waste water.

Types of packaged sewage treatment plants include sequencing batch reactors, extended aeration, and membrane bio-reactors. Flow rate, regulatory requirements and waste water components are factors used to determine the best type of wastewater treatment plant. These wastewater treatment plants include in-fluent screening, disinfectant equipment and may include sludge thickening and treatment facilities as well.

The design of a package water treatment plant will depend upon the quality of the source water. These water treatment plants may include various types of filter assemblies or membranes, along with a disinfectant system—possibly ultraviolet, storage tanks and high pressure pumps. These package treatment plants may also include bottling facilities.

Package water and wastewater treatment plants are designed for ease of operation and maintenance. Their small size and less complex design typically require less manpower to operate.

The final effluent from package wastewater treatment plants can meet all regulatory requirements, including secondary, advanced and tertiary treatment. And the package water treatment plants similarly are able to meet requirements for potable use.


Package treatment plants are appropriate for a number of applications, such as:

  • Housing subdivisions
  • Mobile home or recreational parks
  • Industrial facilities
  • Small municipalities
  • Government compounds
  • Schools and colleges
  • Remote locations
  • Military facilities
  • Hospitals
  • Hotels and resorts
  • Prisons

Packaged treatment plants are also a good choice for temporary facilities, due to their lower cost and fast construction schedule.

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