We are having knowledge of multi disciplinary expertise and are equipped with diverse knowledge and experience of the relevant field and can solve challenging issues related to field investigations carried out in association with our approved vendors.

  • Water and waste water monitoring & analysis
  • Energy monitoring & analysis
  • ETP,STP, RO ,Cooling tower installation and operation services
  • Quality chemicals for ETP, STP, RO, BOILERS and cooling towers
  • Supply of different equipments for ETP, STP and RO
  • Supply of Detail engineering design, erection and commissioning services for ETP,STP,RO, projects of textile & other industries
  • Consultancy services in field of Water and Waste water, Boilers and cooling towers
  • Energy audits
  • Revamping and designing consultancy services for ETP,STP,RO
  • Software based Ro system designing
  • Pretreatment facilities of Ro, external treatment facilities (DMF/ACF),softening plant, DM plant Mixed bed unit, ozonator, Organic scavenging bed.
  • Algae, corrosion and deposition control and treatment facilities
  • Water and waste water audit
  • Training programs for water waste water and energy
  • Optimization of water energy and chemicals
  • Trouble Shooting in the field of water, waste water, Boilers and energy
  • Consultancy of energy conservation technique and tools Energy and atmosphere