• MEGHNA SOLUTIONS is committed to provide all service support to the client up to their satisfaction.
  • We believe that customer requirements are to be studied & analyzed with all relevant information’s. Results will be conveyed as per Indian & international standards.
  • We firmly believe in working together to achieve progress in time.
  • MEGHNA SOLUTIONS shall strive to educate all its employees by providing them latest technological development in field of water and energy conservation.


  • We have strength of youngster working under experienced brains.
  • Believes in philosophy of “Reduce, Reuse and Recycle” and stand firm to save natural resource like fuel & water.
  • In line with global development, we are planning to come up with economical viable technologies helping in water and energy conservation program to achieve clean development mechanism.
  • We have motivated sustainable conservation of water, energy and natural resources.
  • We have an experience in different field such as Textile, Group housing, Dairy, Hotels, Mines, Rice industry, Commercial malls,
  • We have all quality chemicals and equipments used in water treatment plants under one roof.
  • We are having a team of technocrats experienced in the field of water treatment, thermal energy conservation, electrical energy conservation and plant technical audits.